Sustainable shopping with shopping bags, let's discover them!

Shopping bag di Daniela1963

For some time now, the classic plastic bags have left our stores and homes. Banned in 2015 by the European Union, lightweight plastic bags, those smaller than 50 microns, were reduced and then banned.

The classic supermarket shopping bags were gradually supplanted by sporte bags, often provided by the stores themselves. Then appeared the multi-purpose folding bags to keep in a handbag, the large ones to carry in the car and so on other solutions.

The shopping bag is the latest and most elegant solution for getting around town for shopping or going to the market. More and more fashionable and sophisticated in appearance and functionality, are comfortable, practical, space-saving and definitely beautiful!

Shopping bags: discover Daniela's selection.

We have chosen for you some of the most useful and trendy shopping bags of the moment. Able to tolerate up to 20 kg of load, the shopping bags available on our website have a small size and are water resistant and easy to wash.

Loqui shopping bags

Polyester is the material from which Loqi shopping bags are made. The German company is not only committed to producing quality, environmentally friendly and affordable products, but wants its bags to attract as many people as possible to encourage the use of sustainable media.

To do so, it has focused everything on aesthetics involving artists and making their bags real canvases. An example are the the Starry Night" shopping bag or "Almond blossom" that reproduce the most famous paintings of Vincent Van Gogh.

Other artists sign the wonderful patterns of the line that satisfy just about every taste! Discover them all on our website.

With its essential look and square shape, the Loqi shopper has a round handle with solid color interior and is practical to carry in your bag or hand. Very light, but sturdy, it will allow you to do all the shopping you want without worries!

Loqi trusts in the value of art and culture and it is through them that it intends to transmit its green vision. And to complete your daily outfit, Loqi also signs the fabric masks to match your shopping bag

Bellimbusti shopping bag

Loqi is not the only brand to be inspired by art, Bellimbustialso reworks the most famous busts and sculptures for the prints of its shopping bags.

"We have always been seduced by their charm. They fear nothing, are invincible and at the same time mirror the vices and virtues of men."

This is how the company describes the Goddess and Gods bag in which the busts are reinterpreted by Palais Royal, which makes a truly original print. The shape of the bag is rectangular, the handle is round but definitely longer than the Loqi shoppers.

Available in red or blue, the bellimbusti bags are rigorously in fabric.

Ecobag Guzzini

If we have to talk about eco-sustainability we can't fail to mention the most glamorous shoppers of the moment. The Ecobag on the go Guzzini.

Versatile, colorful, indestructible, ecological, this shopping bag is made of recycled plastic material 100% post-consumo and 100% riciclabile.

The result of the Spallieri & Del Ciotto design studio, it is available in cream and ochre versions, and is extremely capacious, light, easy to clean and rigorously Made in Italy.

To be used for shopping, but also perfect for leisure time and the beach. Discover it together with many other tips on how to bring the sea at home!

Not only shopping bag

In shop and Go section of our website you can also buy the practical Pocket "Metallic" Loqi to always find everything in your bag and beach bag.

Available in different colors and sizes, they are completely waterproof and closed by strong black zippers. Discover them also in the artistic print version, colorful and extremely versatile.

Make an eco-friendly choice with reusable shopping bags!