Fazzoletto Opalino Orizzonte Indaco

Venini SKU: FO370002000O0AWI
Fazzoletto Opalino Orizzonte Indaco - Venini

Fazzoletto Opalino Orizzonte Indaco

Venini SKU: FO370002000O0AWI
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“The suggestive reworking of the 15th century Opalini technique makes it unique in color. The genius of Fulvio Bianconi makes it inimitable in shape, shaped like skirts moved by the wind. So much so that for every Opalini handkerchief there is not an identical one all over the world.”

If you want to enrich your home with an elegant and sophisticated element, different from the other furnishing accessories that can be found everywhere, the Indigo Horizon Opal Handkerchief by Venini will allow you to enhance any kind of furniture, from classic to modern.
We are talking about a design object that can be placed in any room of your home, placed on a surface flat to become the focus of space.
Let's see in detail what it is and what are the characteristics that make it unique and special, capable of catching the eye a first look.

The material

The Venini Vase & nbsp; is made of opal glass, a material obtained with centuries-old techniques that date back to the 1400s and which take you back in time to quality of workmanship.
We are talking about a milky, transparent or colored glass as in this case of a wonderful shade of indigo, subtle to be able to create graceful and timeless patterns and workmanship.
The initial product is treated with a series of slightly opacifying substances, such as for example sodium phosphate or chloride, tin or talc oxide. Each of these elements has a color different from the others, so that it is possible to give an original nuance to your creation.
Strongly widespread in Murano in 1600, this glass buys notoriety in Germany and two centuries later in France, also creating some of Napoleon's favorite objects and still preserved in his collection today.
The Opaline Horizon Indigo handkerchief by Venini therefore recalls the past in style, but uses lines that are well suited adapt to the present and modernity, creating a perfect mix between the two realities.
You will feel like you have a work of art in your home worthy of a royal palace within a contemporary and geometric context, giving a touch of dynamism and color in a discreet and refined way.

The form

The shape of the Opal Horizon Indigo handkerchief by Fulvio Bianconi evokes the gracefulness of women's skirts when they are gently lifted by the wind and create of innocent but at the same time malicious waves.
The ripple effect is given by the glass processing performed with mastery, which follows a gentle succession of folds soft that seem almost made of indigo fabric.
The lower part is rounded and partly flat so as to allow you to lay the piece of furniture on a flat surface and keep it stable and elegant in plain sight tactile sensation on the surface.
The creeks moreover, they capture the light in a discreet way, creating intriguing areas of shadow and shining brightness along the entire perimeter.
Such a simple object is instead made up of many different facets, all to be discovered observing it closely with an interested eye to grasp the perfection of a material with an ancient and modern flavor.
The dimensions are average, with a height of 24 cm and a diameter of 20 cm, while the low weight of 1.2 kg is given by the lightness of the glass worked with the opal technique.

The color

In addition to the truly characteristic shape, the Venini handkerchief stands out from other furnishing accessories for a saturated and lively color, which remains impressed in the eyes for its purplish and blue hue that recalls the tones of the stormy sea.
It is a shade that goes perfectly with other more neutral but also decisive colors, creating an interesting game of contrasts that ennobles the living space and enhances the bare and essential surfaces of a modern style as well as the more richly decorated ones of a classic taste, following their movements.

The style

The opal Venini vase can be classified as a classic furnishing accessory, as it has its roots in the tradition of the 1400s and has crossed the various historical periods, gathering new elements from every period up to arrive to the present day with a vintage allure but at the same time modern and functional lines.
The idea of Fulvio Bianconi was precisely to merge the two trends and create a universal product that can be placed in an avant-garde home as well as in a timeless one, combining both bolder colors such as black and neutral tones such as beige or cream.
The effect is candor and at the same time originality, lightness and substance, for an evocative and sensual effect like women's skirts.

Original Venini

Daniela 1963 is Venini official dealer! Take a look at our Venini catalog, to the other Opal Orizzonte colors such as Inside Talpa or to the vases Monofiore!

Technical Details

  • Height: 24 cm
  • Diameter: 20 cm
  • Unit Weight: 1.2 kg

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