Furnish beach house with Batela products

Arredare casa al mare con Batela

If your beach house you intend to furnish it with taste and inspired by this theme, the use of appropriate decorations in your interior design will give you the immediate feeling of being near an ocean. In fact, objects, colors and aquatic motifs will allow you to enjoy a serene marine paradise 24 hours a day. However, setting up a sea-style decor is not as easy as you might think. In fact, it takes a particular eye for details in order to define them perfectly.

The final idea is therefore to achieve a relaxed combination of form, material, comfort and function. The Batela products can help you in this sense, as the brand offers many products both with the classic maritime stripes and with beach-themed ornaments and aquatic motifs. Let's go and discover the most sought after seafood products and the new Batela beach trends.

Batela sea kitchen furniture

Display a serving dish in the kitchen

For the kitchen environment of your beach house the ideal is to display a serving dish with fish, as it is an all-ceramic element and finely decorated by hand. In addition, in the central part it has two blue fish that can be seen as the bottom is all white.

This dish among other things in a sea-style decor, you can also use it as a serving element or even as a fruit bowl or salad bowl since it boasts a height of 5.5 cm and therefore allows you to mix the dishes without running the risk of them coming out.

Choose a functional kitchen tablecloth

To furnish your home by the sea and in particular the kitchen or the dining area, we recommend a kitchen tablecloth. It is in fact a functional rectangular-shaped cover that has a beige and blue cord texture typical of the nautical style and a well-finished edge.

Furthermore, it proves to be not only ideal for protecting the table, but also plays a decorative role in the environment precisely because of its references in marine style and which integrate with the perfection with the various furnishing components including other similar sea objects.

Opt for a salt and pepper shaker

Another great way to furnish your beach house with taste and functionality, is to opt for the purchase of a salt and pepper pot. In fact, it is a combination to use when you have guests at the table or perhaps to be displayed on any shelf in the kitchen or dining room. Both objects depict two sea urchins in blue porcelain that are 6 cm high and 7 cm in diameter.

Beach house bedroom decor

Decorate the sofa with cushions

If in your beach house you have opted for a wicker or rattan sofa, there is nothing better than decorating it with a Batela seahorse cushion. It is in fact a soft element covered with 100% pure cotton and square shape that is 45x45 cm. In addition, on one of the two faces of the beige shade it presents the blue seahorse that recalls that of the ocean. However, this cushion can also be adapted for other rooms in the beach house such as the bedroom.

Opt for a candle holder

If the design of your home is set with a sea-style decor, objects play a fundamental role to make it captivating. Especially when it is evening, perhaps during a summer dinner or by candlelight, a candle holder can give an extra touch to the evening with friends.

The Batela candle holder with fish nor is a classic example, since you can use it both as a furnishing accessory and to light up the patio table on summer evenings. Among other things, the candle holder features blue fish, is made of opal glass and boasts a height of 8.5 cm compared to a diameter of 7 cm.

Choose marine style tea towels

The kitchen environment of a beach house can be made more appropriate to the context and with a pinch of refinement. For this reason you can choose a set of two tea towels to hang near the hob, and when not in use, use it as a decorative element in the kitchen.

The set is in fact in pure cotton and on each of the two cloths are respectively depicted marine subjects such as shells, crustaceans and stars of a predominant red color or cans of blue fish (sardines, tuna and anchovies) in shades of blue, red and light blue.

Add a sea-themed stool to your home

Apart from the small parts, to furnish your beach house you can also consider the idea of insert in the context one stool in the shape of a fish. It is in fact a very sturdy wooden element that is ideal to combine in a home, as adapts to any type of flooring and furniture.

It should also be added that the seat has a blue tone and with the addition of white stripes typical of the marine style. Among other things, this functional stool can be used both as an occasional table for drinks and to rest your feet while relaxing on the sofa.

Display a decorative lighthouse

Furnishing a beach house with special decorations related to the theme also means opting for original objects. In this sense, a Batela Lighthouse is what is worth consider exhibiting, as it is very lively in terms of colors, i.e. with intense shades such as red, white and blue and also has stripes along the entire length.

Among other things, in the evening you can also illuminate the lighthouse or use it as a light for the center of the table if you organize a romantic dinner. The object is in fact equipped with a LED located right in the part that corresponds to the lighthouse and which projects the light on the cliffs of a marine context.

Collection of marine objects Batela

In this article we have exhibited the most sought after and trendy products of the Batela brand, but there are many new products to furnish your beach house. If you want to discover all the products you just have to view the collection on the objects sea Batela.