How to choose perfume for your home?

Fragranza d'ambiente Dr Vranjes

Personalizing your home also means giving it a distinctive smell that creates the very famous "home scent". We are referring to that special essence that brings back childhood memories or arouses positive emotions in us or invites us to calm and relax.

How to choose the right perfume for your home? Meanwhile, you need to understand what you really want to evoke in your home space. The fragrances diffused in the environments are a way to tell about yourself and express your personality.

That's why these decisions should never be taken lightly. An unpleasant or too strong scent can make staying in a room unbearable or nauseating. Let's see how to wisely choose your "home essence".

Olfactory furnishings and room fragrances.

Today, a new concept is becoming more and more popular, that of "olfactory decoration", a concept of room fragrance that becomes a true and proper furnishing accessory and completes the space by personalizing it. Studying for a specific room a type of olfactory furniture is a real path of sensory stimulation.

You can decide to "color" the environment with a scent, such as to make it more relaxing or to evoke a fresh and energetic air or, again, you can bring to light memories and emotions. Not only that, you can also choose a different fragrance depending on the intended use of the room. Differentiating, for example, the living area from the sleeping area. The study from the living room. A perfume can provide warmth in a cold room and vitality in a dimly lit space. But how to choose the right one?

How to choose the right perfume for your home.

Let yourself be guided by the olfactory notes that make up the perfume and discover what are the distinguishing elements of each fragrance. These are the first steps to discovering the right perfume for your home.

If you want to be enveloped in the warm scents of grapes and berries, choose a room scent with a strong taste that makes you think of the fragrance of wine tannins. Rosso Nobile may be the right fragrance for you thanks to its soft notes of violet and magnolia and birch wood.

If, on the other hand, you want to create a fresh environment that evokes the scents of summer, choose one aquatic fragrance with fresh and fleshy notes such as the one derived from basil leaves that match with marine notes and white musks. An olfactory decor ideal for giving relaxation to living areas as well as sleeping areas.

We have also talked about fragrances that can give "color" and energy to the environments , we refer, for example, to the notes fresh and balsamic mint perhaps mixed with the energizing ones of bergamot and ginger to give energy and vitality to the living areas of the house.

Citrus fragrances are among the favorites of home environments, especially in the winter and Christmas period in particular. When these fragrances meet the enveloping accord of sweet notes of vanilla and Tonka bean, as in the vanilla Tangerine room perfumerthe result is a fruity, relaxing home fragrance that is also perfect for children's rooms.

If your tastes are intense and decisive, you can choose to be inspired by the notes of leather and briar or patchouli and amber. These are particularly spicy and oriental scents, intense and enveloping fragrances, perfect for revitalizing the living area.

A fragrance that speaks of you.

"A fragrance for the environment is an intimate gift, difficult to guess - said Dr.Vranjes owner of the eponymous Florentine maison of luxury fragrances for the environment. "More than the perfume we wear, the one for the home tells about our inner realm, our intimacy."

That's why the perfume we choose for our home becomes an essence that speaks about us, just like an eau de toilette. Those who enter our work or living space will have a more defined perception of the space and of us because the fragrance chosen is certainly the one that most resembles us.

The uniqueness of fragrances.

Just like people, fragrances are unique. The character of each of us has many nuances and fragrances can tell the story of each of them. Each Dr. Vranjes Firenze room fragrance, for example, is an absolutely unrepeatable creation in which natural essences are concentrated and release all their potency associated with Aromatherapy and Aromacology.

Answering once again to the initial question, to choose the perfume for your home without making mistakes always let yourself be guided by your instinct. Select only that fragrance that seems to transport you to spaces and times already experienced and that triggers memories and feelings that make you home.

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