Furnishing accessories: the right gift for every occasion!

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Gift ideas, how many times we look for them but can't find them? The emptiness in your head is complete: you don't know whether to choose something personal, useful or professional.

In these cases in your help can come a gift proposal that always turns out to be successful: the furniture accessory

Over the years, Daniela1963.com has selected its range of objects with increasing care in order to offer an assortment of gift items perfect for every type of occasion and holiday.

We speak of vases for indoor and outdoor, candles and scents for environment, clocks and frames. A variety of colors and shapes that will satisfy even the most demanding friend and will not make you go wrong.

Giving a furnishing accessory, is it important to know the house?

If you need to make a gift to a relative, friend or acquaintance, an object for the house will always be appreciated. When choosing, how useful is it to know the environment in which the object will be placed?

Of course knowing the house is a great advantage but it is not decisive. If we have an idea of the domestic spaces we will certainly not make mistakes in terms of style and colors, otherwise we will have to proceed differently.

The trick is to orient yourself towards furnishing accessories universal, suitable for any context. No garish colors, no object characterizing, focus on soft shades or pastel, choose simple shapes and , when in doubt, opt for objects that are always useful.

This is the case of vases and candles, if he already has that object will also like another and avoid the annoying effect of "duplication".

If we know well the person to whom we are making this gift let us be guided by his personality: let us be inspired by his passions, his taste or choose symbolic references.

Often the objects recall the symbolism: from owls to elephants for good luck, to shapes that evoke fertility. Here, this can be a good guide to the best piece of furniture to give only if the knowledge with the recipient is deep enough.

Vases for flowers but not only!

The vase is an element that every house keeps: long, low, round, rectangular or completely asymmetrical, each has its own shape.

Wide is the choice on our site to select the vase to give as a gift for birthdays or other occasions. Let's see some of them.

Let's start from the vases that make the essentiality of the lines and geometry their stylistic feature, such as a vase signed L'Oca nera . Made of ceramic, they stand out for their clean and decisive lines, for the absence of decorations and patterns. The mouth is small and cone-shaped, the base widens upwards and they can contain small flowers or ornamental leaves and feathers.

For truly unconventional vases, choose the brand Asa Germany, which is characterized by the constant simplicity of form, pure and modern style. Numerous design awards have been received by these no-frills vases, always trendy and with a decidedly unique taste. Essential or baroque? Original or classic? How do you choose the right vase to give as a gift? We've explained it to you: if you're groping in the dark, don't risk it and play it safe; if you have clear ideas, let yourself be guided by its taste.

Scented candles and room scenters.

Today,olfactory decoration is increasingly important in activities open to the public as well as in the home: scents create atmosphere and give character to the environment. Aromatherapy has taught us the importance of fragrances in instilling positive energy, relaxation or giving a dynamic boost.

That's why scented candles and room scenters represent an excellent gift idea: the perfume becomes a real furnishing accessory.

Hypno casa keeps its elegant scented candles in glass packages with lids which, once the candle is consumed, can host its refill in liquid with wands. Not only a scented candle but above all an object of design, the proposal by Marcel Wanders, who created "The Five Seasons" project, celebrates the essences that bring nature into the home.

The research of essences is by Alessi with the advice of one of the best master perfumers of Grasse: it was born the scented candle with porcelain container and wooden lid. The base is vegetable and the fragrances have truly original names: from Shhh to Grrr or Brrr. The vases are round and ceramic, the lid is finely decorated and can be used as a base. A truly valuable gift.

Do you prefer a liquid room fragrance? Discover our selection and be guided by our recommendations on how to choose the perfume for your home.

Frames and photo frames.

Giving a photo frame is like giving a memory, it is an invitation to keep close to you a precious image, a fragment of the past.

The frame is also a very distinctive piece of furniture, so it is necessary that it goes well with the decor. With the frames of Ves it is impossible to make mistakes. Their characteristic is to have clean lines, an extremely essential design and various colors: from the brightest to the softest. A furnishing accessory signed Ves will preserve your memories with elegance and discretion, bringing out all the evocative power of the image.

If instead you want to bet everything on the bright lines and original shapes, choose your photo frame signed by Arti & Mestieri. The iron frames made by the brand are all different, with attention to detail and whimsical: browse our online catalog and find the right gift, success is assured!

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