How to furnish your laundry corner? Daniela's ideas!

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A laundry corner is indispensable in the home. Often, finding the right location is not easy: there are those who are lucky enough to have a room to dedicate to this purpose and those who have to make one.

The best location is, undoubtedly, the one closest to where you will hang out your clothes, so the balcony. There is also the possibility of creating a separate room directly on the terrace, if you have a large space. Just a construction, even in PVC, not very bulky, to insert everything you need.

There are those who prefer, however, make it in the bathroom. In this case, it is necessary to have a sufficiently large environment. The best choice is to make the laundry corner in the so-called "service bathroom".

Once you have found "the right corner" you have to think about how to furnish it in the best way, without missing anything and having everything at hand.

The necessary appliances.

In your home laundry that is such can not miss the washing machine.

The appliance must have an absolutely designed location: we must, in fact, create the predisposition for water and electricity.

If, however, you already have these attacks, you will be forced to adapt and place it where it is already possible. This will also allow you to save on the work to be done.

For those who have the space and availability, it is possible to combine, also taking advantage of the existing predisposition, a dryer.

This other appliance has the size of a washing machine, or can be narrower. Finding a place for the dryer can become more difficult. It would be necessary to have twice the linear space.

Therefore, in most cases, we opt for a vertical solution: the dryer is placed above the washing machine.

Even making a storage cabinet that, once closed, no longer shows its contents.

How to furnish your laundry corner?

Once you have decided where to put the two appliances that have a more "forced" location, you can start thinking about the other necessary elements.

To furnish your laundry corner, in fact, will be essential other items such as:

Shelves or containers for detergents

Laundry baskets


Ironing board

Detergents can be numerous: this is why it is good to equip ourselves with a large basket that can hold them or, even better, with shelves that will allow us to occupy less linear space.

For the others, all we need to do is pay attention to the choice of those most suitable for our space.

Ironing board and clothesline, how to choose them?

Since the size of the dedicated environment is often small, it is good to know how to take advantage of every space. Ironing board and clothesline should be literally "slipped in", they are perfect to be inserted in profile between two pieces of furniture or behind a door to save space.

It is therefore important to choose supports that do not have a large footprint but above all can be easily folded

One of these is the ironing board B Perfect Flow Spring Bubbles Brabantia excellent for irons with boiler thanks to the extra large metal support. The stand is conveniently foldable when the board is not needed. Made of metal, thin but sturdy can be stored wherever you want without taking up too much space.

As for clotheslines , you'll be spoilt for choice among the ones we selected from Brabantia, which offers many and in different versions, such as the HangOn clothesline with bar.

Not only are they practical to fold and absolutely space-saving, but they also allow you to hang more clothes using the vertical space.

The feet can be used for smaller clothes, thanks to a system of horizontal axes, and, in addition to the side "wings", there is a stand for shirts, or other garments that need to be dried more thoroughly. For those who live alone, there are more compact versions.

Furnish your laundry corner with practical laundry boxes.

What kind of laundry room is a space without laundry baskets? You can buy different solutions: from the capacious laundry box with open-close entrance with hole to the one with front flap compartment.

In addition to the space-saving design, these laundry boxes have the incredible time-saving benefit: when closed, they allow you to quickly place clothes inside, but out of sight.

The Quick-drop opening allows smaller garments to be inserted through the "hole" at the top, without having to open the hamper each time. The quick and automatic gesture will convince even the laziest men to use it!

In the version with the flap, on the other hand, the compartment for the quick insertion of the smallest items is in the front part, simply by pulling a tab.

Make the best use of space with Daniela's advice.

Finally, let's introduce some pluses that can make your home laundry furniture more complete. Let's talk about a shelf dedicated to the iron.

Brabantia has also thought of this by designing a hanging iron and ironing board holder with cable reel. Ideal for storing your iron while it's still hot and saving space!

If you have the space and you like the idea, design a stand to be placed at the top, in the dedicated corner, perfect for storing freshly ironed shirts or the most delicate garments.

Now your laundry corner won't lack anything and neither will your home with daniela's advice!