The right dish service for your table: here are the 5 best!

Servizio con piatto di portata al centro del tavolo

When choosing dining tableware, it is important to find a balance between form and function. The form must always be considered first. How many people will sit around the table? Are they likely to want to eat finger food? Will they want an elegant or informal environment? These are all questions that need to be answered before starting to buy dishes. Once you've got the answers, it's time to consider the shape your dining needs require: Round, oval, rectangular or square dining tables.

Will you need matching porcelain for each course or a matching set of plates? And if you don't want to buy new porcelain yet... Do you need vintage-looking tableware that is still modern and chic? Or maybe your style is that of modern tableware with a vintage touch? Whatever your need, we can help you! Here is our selection of the best tableware for the dining room according to your needs.

What is the best dinner service for a round dining table?

There is no dinner set that is universally suited to round tables, but there are some that work better than others. Round wine glasses are ideal for round tables, as they adapt perfectly to the shape of the table. In addition, champagne glasses and flutes are also good options for round tables. But which set of dishes is ideal?

Given the homogeneity of the round shapes, what can really make a significant design contribution is the irregularity: irregular plate shapes and embossed texture will allow your guests to be surprised at first sight! The 18-piece porcelain plate service Ylang of Villa Altachiara is the best dinner set for a round dining table.

What are the best tableware for an oval dining table?

The best dinnerware for an oval dining table depends on personal preference. However, some people choose modern tableware while others prefer vintage looking ones. In any case, it is important to choose a dinner service that matches the shape of the table and the design of the room in general.

For a style between modern and vintage and easily adaptable to home furnishings based on neutral colors, we recommend the 18-piece dinnerware set Cottage Ivory by Weissestal, a real must-have of 2022 as well as be able to be composed with plates of different colors without being "wrong"! A product entirely hand painted, which can be composed with other colors of the Cottage line.

What is the best dinner service for a square dining table?

If you have a square dining table, you can serve any type of meal in any shape of the tableware. However, if you want to get the most out of your lunch or dinner, it's important to choose the right plates and glasses. This way, you will be able to set up a beautiful table that will be perfect for any occasion.

A square dining table is perfect with varied shapes, from vintage to modern, or with contemporary touches. If you are looking for something to take up less space and give life to a square dining table perfect the choice will have to fall on a modern square plates set.

Tableware with a vintage look

Setting the table by carefully choosing the mise en place must be a pleasure not only for lunch or dinner with friends, but also when we are alone or with family. A well set table, with the dishes we like best, is essential to put us in a good mood and good taste, as well as enhancing the food, however simple it may be, that we will put on the plate.

If you want to give up the minimalism of the table for & nbsp; the summer & nbsp; or because it no longer seems your theme, you can set the table in vintage style with porcelain plates that stand out for their originality and class, like the style plate service vintage Kaoli Orange. The peculiarity of this dishes service is attention to decoration, which appears almost liquid and colors the edges with ever-changing shapes orange.

Modern tableware

The modern tableware is generally made of artificial materials such as glass or plastic or undecorated porcelain. They can be transparent or colored, and have a minimalist design that goes well with any decor. They are very easy to clean and have a great visual effect that highlights the food on your plate.

The hottest modern dinner service of the moment is Weissestal's Madrid, a white porcelain dinner service with sinuous shapes and perfect harmony, excellent for a summer mise en place or to be used all year round in various events. Resistant to both microwave and dishwasher.

How to recognize quality flat services

In conclusion, choosing the best dinner service for your dinner table depends on personal preference. However, some types of tables are better suited to certain styles of dishes. For example, a round table is ideal for a simple dinner service, while an oval or rectangular table can be embellished with decorated plates. A square table can be enriched with modern or vintage crockery. The important thing is to use a quality plate service: we would never want the dish served to break easily or discolour over time.

Knowing how to recognize a quality plate service is a necessary knowledge before buying a plate service online or in store, but obviously it is difficult to choose and understand precisely if a plate service is valid. All our services of dishes for sale online and in the shop are of high quality, we choose only the best brands, recognized in the world for excellence in manufacturing.

If you have difficulty in choosing a set of dishes, contact us via Live Chat, for email or by phone, we will be happy to provide you with assistance and recommend the best dish service for your table! Or if you want to choose which dish service to buy yourself, you can take a look to the categories of our online shop.