Decorative items for your home: 10 tips for buying

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Whether you are furnishing your home for the first time or for the tenth time, you probably know that the exterior can make a room look more or less beautiful. Whether your goal is to complement existing pieces, create a neutral backdrop for modern furnishings and accessories, or simply renovate an area to meet your current needs, there are several key factors to consider when designing your interiors.

From choosing layout and design ideas to budgeting and sourcing the right materials, this article covers everything you need to know about modern home decor. Read on for tips on how to find the perfect items at affordable prices and how to save money by updating your look.

Decide your inspiration

The first thing to do when decorating your home is to decide your inspiration. This means thinking about your own tastes and preferences in terms of style, color and design. Once you have a clear idea of what you want, it will be much easier to find the right items for your home. Furthermore, organizing the rooms of the house according to the inspiration chosen can help to highlight your style and make it more cohesive.

For example, you can opt to arrange objects so that they look scruffy but at the same time elegantly coordinated to create a beautiful visual effect. We can think of a centerpiece by Richard Ginori with cosmos design, utopian, where shapes coincide to create a splendid design. Or if there is a prevalence of white, you can opt for a MetroChic porcelain box by Villeroy & Boch.

Finding the right items for your home

Before you start looking for the perfect items for your home, it's important to decide what your inspiration is. This will help you find pieces that fit the style of your home and make you feel comfortable. You can take inspiration from a color, a material or a particular environment that you like. If you are not sure which direction to take, you can contact us at any time and we will help you with your choice.

The design of objects can be of all types and shapes: for example, you may prefer a tin sculpture rather than a ceramic one, or a resin half bust to be placed on a shelf in your salon. Surely for your dining table you need a modern centerpiece, to highlight the focal point of the union between people.

A modern steel centerpiece like the Bark by Alessi recalls the bark of a tree: the fretwork reflects the knot pattern of the wood and the concave and elongated shape suggests the structure of a tree trunk. The Bark collection produced by Alessi was inspired by Casa Bouquillon in Tuscany, an experimental space where designers live and work in total association with nature.

Indoor ceramic vases to highlight environments

Ceramic vases can be found in many rooms of our home, from the furniture at the entrance, to the shelves in the corridor, to the bookcases in the living room. They are also ideal on the living room sideboard and on the dining table. You can create compositions of fresh or dried flowers, but they are also beautiful to display alone.

Vases in the shape of Dark Brown can help us fill our rooms with design. The Moro's heads are elegant decorations with great character, in classic black, white or multicolor. The list is completed by original furnishing accessories such as vases with particular shapes in ceramic and a high craftsmanship of the product. They represent the art and history of Caltagirone recognized all over the world, completely handmade: the symbol of Sicily is certainly the black Moro's head.

If you don't prefer ceramic vases, you can always opt for porcelain vases with a modern look that will highlight your furniture and your care in the design of the house.

Adding lighting and art

To add an extra touch of class to your home, don't forget the importance of lighting and art. You can choose lamps with a particular design to illuminate the rooms in an original way, or opt for prints or paintings that give a personal touch to the spaces.

Lighting is one of the main key points of home design: it can allow you to embellish your home by creating plays of light or by using lamps with particular and unique shapes. It is not only necessary to give light when it is dark, but also to know how to play with it. The use of designer table lamps can be useful to give lighting to the dining table and create a fantastic lighting design effect towards the surrounding environment, putting in primis the first light point (the table) and then the further objects displayed on the table or nearby.

The lamps are not only useful when placed on a table or on a piece of furniture in the living room, but they are also perfect for the bedroom where they will provide value and a touch of refinement to the private setting.

The walls are another aspect to consider when decorating your home, because with the right decorations it is possible to change style even to a more "vintage" furniture! There are so many wall decorations to be hanging or simply affixed to the wall, of different sizes and shapes. And rest assured, most of them have low weight, even if we hit them and they fall they won't hurt anyone!

Among the furnishing accessories to hang, the most sought-after home decorations are certainly the wall clocks which can be both low cost and higher cost for the finest finishes.

The rooms can also be furnished with fantastic paintings, modern or contemporary, they will make their figure in your home. If, on the other hand, you don't like art in its purest form, that is hand-painted, you might prefer a landscape print or a professional photographer. Remember that you can also opt for a print of a hand-painted painting, in case the painting you want doesn't fit your budget.

And family memories? If we have so many photos how do we put them in an environment already oriented to a specific design? In this case, the photo frames help us, of different shapes, designs and, above all, colors. We can choose between photo frames decorated with three-dimensional textures that create extraordinary visual and tactile effects, steel photo frame in the event that our house recalls a gray scale or with gold photo frame (iron material, but gold color), if there are references to the gold color in the room.

Low cost home accessories

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