Easter: original ideas for decorating your home and your table

Decorazioni di Pasqua per la tavola

Easter is approaching and with it the desire to get together as a family for lunch typical of this holiday. In order to welcome the guests in the best way, we will pay more attention to the table and to the mise en place. In addition to the kitchen, in fact, special care should also be given to aesthetics to create a pleasant overall effect.

Let's see some ideas to better prepare the Easter table, starting from the symbols of the Easter to be absolutely recalled.

The symbols of Easter

This spring festivity is characterized by the concept of rebirth and renewal. Linked to the biblical theme of resurrection, Easter is also closely related to the pleasant season in which it falls. Among the most important Easter symbols we have the olive tree, the dove, the egg or the chick, the lamb, the bells, the bunny, the light but also the twigs of the cherry tree in bloom.

The olive tree and the Dove are symbols of peace but also remind us of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. The eggs, chicks and hens belong closely to the theme of birth and rebirth, as the egg and its chick are symbols of new life.

We now come to what are the other references from the animal world, such as the lamb and the bunny. The rabbit recalls the hare that since the early days of Christianity was taken as a symbol of Christ. The latter, thanks to its coat that changes color according to the season, was indicated by Saint Ambrose as a symbol of the Resurrection. The lamb, as everyone knows, is instead the sign of the Savior's sacrifice.

The symbols of Easter at the table

In the preparation of the Easter table these symbolic elements cannot be missing. It is a general custom, for example, to decorate eggs, after emptying them, painting them in many colors.

Not only that, eggs are also cooked and once hard-boiled they are served as appetizer. The same thing happens with lamb, that from a symbol is transformed into a real typical dish.

But how can we recall, for example, the symbol of Light? The Easter candle represents the Resurrection, its light illuminates the darkness just as Jesus is the light of the world.

The candle at the table, therefore, absolutely must be there. And what if this important element could bring together all the other meanings? Let's discover together the Easter candles.

Easter candles

Perfect as a centerpiece, Easter candles, in addition to representing the light of God, can create a magical atmosphere

By now the concept of centerpieces as a single element placed in the center of the table is completely outdated. Increasingly used is the horizontal method that sees arranged various elements along the entire table.

Particularly beautiful and of quality are the Polish wax candles with shapes and decorations that recall Easter. These can represent chickens, eggs or chicks. The finish can be glossy or glitter, the colors range from gray to white with gold details. Again, you can find hand painted with low reliefs in which we find the bunny, the lamb, the bells but also the flowers of spring.

Multicolored, silver or gold, Easter egg-shaped candles are elegant and refined, perfect to illuminate the table but also to remember the deeper meaning of this holiday.

Setting the table

To set your Easter table can not miss all the best of your tableware. We speak, of course, of the inevitable white porcelain, with its elegant and refined plates, profiled in gold or decorated by hand.

Thesilver cutlery polished and the tablecloth of the great occasions. Hand-embroidered and completely white to evoke the purity of Jesus and the lamb itself or as colorful as Easter eggs.

The extra touch that can give color to the table are the themed place cards: from wooden figurines depicting cute little lambs and bunnies, to elegant and stylized metal chicks.

Beautiful and functional can also mark the place of small decorated baskets that serve as egg cups.

What about decorative toothpicks for appetizer plates? There are cute little ceramic rabbits with wooden sticks on the market that can be placed on plates. Elegant and with attention to detail, they are available in different shades.

Dulcis in fundo

Besides the typical Easter dove, chocolate eggs are the sweet element of Easter par excellence.

How to make the little ones find our egg-shaped chocolates? The treasure hunt is the funniest solution, but the most original way to keep them is to close them in hand-painted ceramic containers in the shape of a rabbit.

Elegant and playful, opening them you will have the feeling of opening the belly of the rabbit and pull out the chocolate! From the same line are also available the half shells with bunny that work as a small bowl