Back to school: lunch box for children

Porta merenda bambina con borraccia termica

At school, socializing and learning are the two predominant aspects among the activities to be carried out by children, all this requires energy and stimulates the appetite of the little ones. The snack break, in this sense, plays a very important role in recharging the batteries, bridging the time between breakfast and lunch.

It is therefore essential to the choice of the right foods to put in the folder to satiate your child's hunger without weighing him down, depending on the resumption of activities. Our article will not deal with the foods to choose for the snack, since on the web you have the opportunity to make yourself a culture in this sense, being full of blogs that refer to the choice of the most appropriate snacks for school, from loose to packaged snacks.

Today, however, we will focus on the choice of containers, for the safe transport of these foods inside the backpack or briefcase. Why do you have to use a snack container? The main reason is to save the freshness of loose foods and prevent packaged ones from crushing or shattering between books.

Who among us hasn't been forced to eat crackers crumbled at least once? Or did he find the notebooks soaked in juice? All this today is just an unpleasant memory, thanks to the modern snack containers for children, you can avoid these annoying inconveniences. In addition, your child will be encouraged to eat with taste, as he is attracted by the beautiful design of these products.

How to choose the right lunch box?

To purchase an effective lunch box for school use, it is important to evaluate whether it has some characteristics:

  • Material, the first characteristic it must have, is that it is suitable for contact with food, that is, it does not contain harmful substances. It is important to choose it in hard plastic, impact resistant but light, to avoid those in glass for reasons of weight and danger.
  • Size, the evaluation is subjective according to your needs, on the market you can find different sizes, it is still advisable to buy it in a size that does not take up much space inside the backpack and that the food stored inside, they are placed compactly, in order to avoid abnormal movements.
  • Airtightness, a necessary function if you are transporting fruit that has already been peeled, in order to prevent it from oxidizing or at least limiting this reaction.
  • Multi-compartment, the possibility of having more compartments, will allow you to separate solid foods from drinks, giving greater protection, plus avoid crushing between multiple foods.
  • Simple opening, given the target users (children), it is essential that they have an easy opening, the best you can find is the lateral one, because being facilitated, if installed above, it could favor the fall of the content to its use.

Among the various containers on the market, which possess the characteristics shown above, among the most popular are the Clip Box by Emsa with various imaginative designs and cartoon-themed so as to be beautiful for the children and easy to use thanks to the practical side handle that makes it impossible to overturn the food.

For example, we find the lunch box Clip Box Kids Tritan Emsa with dinosaur, light blue and with cute dinosaurs drawn on it. Or we recommend the lunch box Clip Box Kids Tritan Emsa - Princess, obviously with the image of a beautiful princess!

Connect to our shop and choose the one you like best or the most suitable for your child, among the models in the online catalog.

Thermal bottle for children: features and models

Together with the lunch box for the school snack, we also recommend the purchase of the water bottle which has a leading role. It is important to choose a bottle with certain characteristics and materials (especially BPA-free) also based on the age of the child. The most important features are:

  • Anti-drip, usually these are bottles with a resealable leak-proof spout and in addition it protects the straw from contact with the outside. Generally, this type of bottle is made of plastic and keeps the water inside it at room temperature, so it is recommended to use it in the winter season.
  • Thermal, it is ideal for keeping the water inside fresh and keeping it even for longer periods of time or to bring hot drinks to school with total simplicity, thanks also to the double wall that these bottles possess. Thermal bottles can also be in stainless steel, but we do not recommend them for a boy or girl!
  • Rigid spout, lighter than the thermal spout, with rigid plastic spout that closes very well, but in the case of too small children it could interfere with their bone development of the jaw, and therefore not recommended.

Below we offer some models that, for materials and characteristics, are suitable for your children:

- Bottle Drink2Go Tritan Emsa - Kids Lt 0,5 Fireman, practical to carry and with drip-proof Autoclose lid, printed on it is a nice fireman, always among the heroes of the little ones. It is made of unbreakable and light Tritan, it has a capacity of 0.5 liters of water. Dishwasher safe.

- Kids bottle Tritan Emsa - Kids Lt 0,4 Monster suitable for children, practical and safe, with a lid that does not close when drinking, made of glass-effect Tritan with monster-themed decorations. Easy to wash and with a capacity of 0.4 liters.

In our online shop you can choose the water bottle for children that best suits your needs.

Breakfast at home for the children

If you want to start the day for your children in the best possible way, we recommend that you also think about the most important meal: breakfast!

Children often have difficulty waking up in the morning but with the right motivation they will wake up as long as you don't tell. Getting kids to see their favorite cartoon characters early in the morning or giving them a warm wake up with a cup of warm milk in the dead of winter can lead to a less chaotic awakening.

What kid doesn't like to wake up with a Disney princess or with a very nice lion on your plate and cutlery? But let's not forget that children can get dirty on the table, so there are very nice placemats with animals that, believe us, the children will do everything they can not to get dirty!

If, on the other hand, your child is still small, a thermal insulating plate. These specific dishes are innovative and designed for the very little ones, with non-slip feet to prevent them from falling and allows you to keep the food hot for longer! Furthermore, with their shape and the special spoon, the child can eat without losing food and without dirtying everything. You will find many insulating plates on the market decorated with drawings or figures, the important thing is to find them BPA-free and made with high quality materials!

Completion of the lunch box

We have seen so far, the importance of the choice of containers to bring snacks and drinks to school, based on their characteristics and the materials with which they were produced, to ensure the freshness of food and avoid accidents of any kind, to ensure that young schoolchildren can consume food and drinks that are fresh, healthy and not crushed or defaced.

To complete the lunch box for children there are forks, for example if you eat peeled fruit, the placemat to be placed on the counter to avoid contact of food with contaminated areas, the bags to divide the food inside the box large or baking cups that give even more order to small portions of food. But above all never forget the essential: the water bottle / bottle for the little ones with easy opening and anti-drop!

In this article you could read that in addition to the importance of choosing food for the school snack, the appearance of the containers and accessories for their transport is fundamental. Breakfast also has a primary aspect in children's lives, impossible to neglect or make unattractive: it is necessary that the child is taken care of on all aspects of his day, especially when the school period begins where he will get very tired and need to start the day in the best possible way.

Visit our pick of items for children and make your child's school snacks more important and more close to the warmth of home! Good school to all children.