Wedding coming up? What to add to your wedding registry for the house!

Tavola per matrimonio

A self-respecting wedding registry should have everything you need to start a new life. It's often difficult to determine what you absolutely need, especially if the couple hasn't lived together before, or neither of them has ever lived alone.

That's why it becomes necessary to make a list of things to be given: let's see what to add to the wedding list for the house.

Wedding list, an important choice.

When you are struggling with a wedding to organize the things to do are really a lot: between clothes, favors, restaurant and fittings, free time becomes a mirage.

Dedicate the right attention to the wedding list may not be easy: it is in fact one of the longest and most challenging steps. You need to see a lot of products and select them, have in mind the style of the house, know in advance what we will need.

The risk is to choose unnecessary products that will only enrich our cupboards. You have to keep a clear head and prepare a list to enrich as you go. Take your time and do not rush, the wedding list is an important choice.

Your preferences will determine the gifts of others, so it is good to always provide products from different budgets, for all budgets.

In this post we'll try to give you a list of things you can't do without to add to your wedding gift list.

Everything for the table: plates and tablecloths.

In a wedding list you start, in general, from the table: sets of plates, sets of glasses and cups are essential.

When choosing the dinnerware it is good to select two types of sets: for family use and for special occasions. In the first case we can stay on a taste easy and colorful, also choose a sturdy material that resists the "shocks" of everyday life. In the second case oriented on a service of plates more valuable, porcelain, more sophisticated lines, which impresses guests and gives class to the mise en place.

Do not forget also the salad bowls and centerpieces perfect for serving fruit but also bread.

How not to think then to the tablecloths? Here too, do not miss the cheerful ones for dinners on the terrace or in the garden, they are more informal and suitable for fun occasions.

On the other hand, it is essential to choose more important tablecloths: damask, embroidered, white, sober or baroque. Follow your taste for the ideal tablecloths of the holidays, such as Christmas or Easter, for example.

Cutlery and glasses for every occasion.

On the table we will also put cutlery and glasses and the rule to follow is always the same: informal and formal. To the everyday cutlery, you can add a note of color and a more comfortable handle.

For special occasions the stainless steel or silver cutlery are a must: it is the design that makes the difference. You can go for a more modern and essential taste or choose a more traditional and decorated set.

Colorful, comfortable to grasp and use every day, the set of glasses is an item that can not miss in the list of things to add to the wedding list for the home.

The same goes for glasses with stem to put on the table to toast and dine during special events and celebrations. Pay attention to the differences between the glasses: each shape has different uses and should be arranged according to precise rules on how to setting the table.

Furniture complements for the living room: vases and paintings.

Let's move from the kitchen to the relaxation area and enrich our living room with: frames, paintings, vases and furnishings, essential to create the right atmosphere in the house.

Unlike the table, these elements must be chosen with greater care. You will not have a double choice, they will be unique pieces of furniture that must blend perfectly with the environment created. Therefore, clear ideas and no rush in the selection.

No home is complete without a green touch. The contemporary style that winks at the taste of Provence and bohemian, for example, can not do without green counterpoints scattered here and there.

Having a set of vases is therefore an excellent gift idea to put on your list: you can choose various and for every pocket. The ideal is to have a set of pots of different heights to be arranged close together, for a better scenic effect.

Finally, in a cozy living room can not miss the paintings that give an artistic touch to the environment, such as: paintings, screen prints, modern graphics but also touches of light with important frames.

What to add to the wedding list for the home: frames and ornaments.

Let's finish this short roundup with photo frames and ornaments. Also in this case we are talking about gift ideas not too expensive, perfect for smaller budgets and suitable for all tastes.

Add a sophisticated and essentialframe , or in baroque style and full of squiggles, the choice is wide and varied. Instead, the ornaments are the elements that enrich the living room. You can choose from small ornaments, candle holders, decorations, wall clocks, holders and empty pockets.

It does not end here, other ideas for your wedding list may arise just by browsing our site, let's discover them together!