Small appliances, which ones to choose for your kitchen?

Piccoli elettrodomestici Alessi

Are you a design enthusiast and to furnish your home you have left nothing to chance? After choosing furniture and large appliances, have you arrived at the choice of small appliances and you absolutely do not want to give up style? Do you have a spacious kitchen and you like the idea of visible appliances?

In recent years there has been a real change in design, you see more and more appliances that look like furniture, and for a lover like you of good taste and style are a great solution.

The most sought after style is definitely vintage, but of no less importance is the more modern design. You can find small appliances in trendy colors: from electric kettles to coffee machines. By now, you can find everything in various versions all fashionable and following the trends of the moment and the best brands.

On the market there is a wide range of items to choose from, but you will have to know how to evaluate the most useful and best suited to your home environment, and that really can create a perfect harmony in your kitchen.

Follow our advice, we will guide you for a right and stylish choice.

Which appliances to choose?

First of all, think about your habits and based on these decide which ones to buy.

It is useless to buy many appliances that you will not use in the end! Choose the ones that won't just sit there collecting dust, but that you will use daily and that will become perfect allies in the kitchen.

If in the morning you like to enjoy a bit of relaxation and you are a lover of breakfast made slowly, do not give up having a toaster of the best brands such as: Smeg, Zwilling, Alessi or WMF, the smell of toasted bread in the morning will intoxicate your home.

Irrenounceable are also:

a juice extractor to make excellent and healthy smoothies that will accompany your breakfast, an electric juicer to prepare tasty juices,
an electric kettle great ally to prepare a cup of tea in the blink of an eye.

    Surely, essential for breakfast is the presence of a great espresso, and then it is necessary to have at home a coffee machine

    that will allow you to drink coffee as perfect as that of the bar, while you are comfortably seated around the table of your home. A piece of advice? Choose one with which you can also make great cappuccinos!

    Breakfast is the most important meal and with the help of these small appliances you can start your day in the right way and in total relaxation.

    Moreover, if you like to receive this small technological help in all the phases of preparation of your recipes, you won't be able to renounce to those appliances that with their functions will make everything easier and more pleasant.

    Like a food processor, a practical solution for quickly chopping various foods, from parsley to meat. If you love, instead, to prepare cakes, bread, pizzas, in short, you love to put your hands in the dough, do not give up having in your home a planetary or a mixer SMEG, it will speed up your work and allow you to get excellent results. Inevitable and then the immersion blender, which with its multifunction will solve many problems.

    Optimize your time in the kitchen to give more space to your hobbies, or simply to work less and get more done in less time.

    Which design to choose?

    Wanting to place appliances on view, you need to choose those that perfectly match the style of your home.

    If you are a fan of the Seventies style and your furniture recalls it, choose appliances with vintage lines that reflect the style of those in vogue in those years, with all the perfection of modern technology.

    If your furniture is modern, opt for chrome-plated steel appliances that will give a simple and minimal look to your environment, or dare with colors, choosing a color to match the furniture or the walls.

    So leave room for your personal taste, and discover all our selection to furnish the whole house, on our online shop!