Everything you need to know about hosting a cocktail party at home!

Tutto quello che devi sapere per organizzare un aperitivo in casa!

Generally "to make an aperitif" you stop at a bar with friends, to take a break after work or before lunch on a holiday. But your idea is quite different and you prefer after a long day, a more private and cozy environment, like your home? Follow Daniela's advice to surprise your guests.

Aperitif at home: what to do?

First you have to choose whether to organize the aperitif inside or outside. This depends: on the space at your disposal, the weather conditions or simply your personal preferences. In any case, any environment of your home will be perfect for organizing an aperitif, whether in the kitchen, in the dining room, on a terrace or in the garden, the important thing is to have a large enough table available on which to place everything you want to serve.

Even if the aperitif is something informal, if you take care of everything in detail for sure your guests will enjoy it very much. Even the choice of textiles can make a difference. Go for a colored tablecloth, to give the right liveliness to the event. The color always gives the perfect atmosphere to create harmony and liveliness.

The choice of drinks.

Choose the drinks to prepare in advance so as to buy all the necessary ingredients, remembering to prepare non-alcoholic drinks as well, since the alcoholic ones may not appeal to everyone. Keep in mind that preparing non-alcoholic drinks requires some imagination, especially if you are going to prepare delicious fruit cocktails, easy to decorate and tasty to drink.

To serve your drinks use the practical jugs to match everything else, better to opt for refrigerated jugs, but if you do not have, use the classic ones such as the tiffany carafe by Guzzini. Bring to the table also buckets with ice, to have drinks always fresh at the right point.

The choice of glasses

Each beverage requires its own glass, so it is important to choosing glasses more suitable with accuracy. Your guests will appreciate these attentions and the drink served will have a whole new flavor. And to make everything perfect and protect the tablecloth and surfaces, also match coasters, there are different materials and colors, suitable for all styles.

The choice of food.

Do not leave out the food, which has always been a fundamental part of the aperitif. Opt for appetizers that your guests can easily take by themselves: finger food is an excellent choice. Put on the table small and practical plates that you can hold in your hand, to allow your guests to take what they prefer from the buffet and sit comfortably on the couch to eat and chat with other guests.

The right accessories for serving appetizers.

For an aperitif organized in style, choose the right accessories to serve the appetizers. Do not leave anything to chance and especially do not just discard the disposable trays taken from the deli by simply placing them on the table! For example:

  • for pizzas and rustics transfer everything on a large serving tray;
  • for chips, pretzels and dried fruit use bowls or cups;
  • for cold cuts choose wooden cutting boards, they give an informal and rustic touch to the table;
  • for cheeses, prefer the tasting boards with small bowls for jams or mustards.

If you like a more refined style, you can opt for risers. If, on the other hand, you have little space on the table, use a'porcelain hors d'oeuvre which is already divided into spaces and equipped with practical cutlery.

The choice of cutlery.

Even choosing the right cutlery makes a difference, it is true that the aperitif can be consumed quietly standing, but the use of practical forks can be very useful. If at home you do not have those for aperitif, use the fruit forks, they will be fine, your friends will understand. And don't forget to add suitable tongs, forks and spoons to be able to take food from serving plates and trays.

Finally, after preparing the table, if you have time, you can embellish the place where the aperitif will take place, decorating it for example with candles with special candle holders, matching the style of the house or in theme with the time of year. Or choose to place other small furnishings or decorations to give a touch of vitality and joy to the environment.

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Relax and enjoy your home aperitif, we'll take care of decorating your home and your table!